Bury St Edmunds Town Centre Master Plan

Launch of public comment on draft Bury St Edmunds Town Centre Master Plan

Earlier this year  people were invited to take part in a public consultation to shape the future of Bury St Edmunds town centre. A huge thanks to you if you were one of those that took part in the Issues and Options consultation – we had nearly 6000 comments back.

The Bury St Edmunds Town Centre Masterplan is a project to shape the future of the town centre over the next decade and beyond, so that it works for people. It is not just about ensuring that it continues to attract shoppers and visitors for decades to come, but also that it is accessible, and a place where people can live and work happily. That includes looking at how the town continues to cope with growth and other future pressures such as technological changes, and responds sensitively to a larger number of people and cars.

The aim of the Issues and Options consultation was to ask residents, shoppers, visitors and workers about the issues Bury St Edmunds faces now and into the future, and what should be done to plan ahead and address these challenges.

We have used those views and suggestions to shape a draft masterplan for the town centre which is out for public comment from 31 July until 8 September.

We will need to look in more detail at the various aspirations to see if they are deliverable and a more detailed delivery plan drawn up which will run to 2031. While some of these projects will be undertaken by the Borough Council, others will be delivered by partners as well as landlords and investors, depending on issues such as funding and land ownership.

The feedback that we receive during this consultation, will shape the final version of the masterplan that will come before councillors for adoption later in the year.

So please take part and please make others aware. More details including an interactive map and questionnaire can be found at www.westsuffolk.gov.uk/bsemasterplan

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By SWJH on August 2nd, 2017